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Love Talisman


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  • Model: LOVETAL009


This is a solid copper pocket/purse/bag talisman hand engraved with the sigil for "Love" within a ritual circle dedicated to Venus on a Friday night during the planetary hour of Venus, with the Waxing Moon in Sagittarius.


Talismans were originally discs of certain precious metals inscribed with magical symbols designed to attract or control certain forces or energies. These energies are referred to as planetary or elemental forces, spirits, angels or intelligences depending on their usage. The famous occult order known as the Golden Dawn defined a talisman as "a magical figurine charged with the Force which it is intended to represent.

Few contemporary folks have the means to fashion and inscribe metal these days so paper and commercially made cast-pewter talismans have pretty much replaced the original seven planetary metals.


Each talisman is uniquely hand-crafted and no two are exactly alike.

This talisman is made of solid copper, the correct planetary metal for Venus, and was hand-engraved with the sigil for "Love" aligned on the kamea (magical square) of Venus in a ritual circle dedicated to Venus utilizing planetary incense, colours, symbols, etc. to incorporate as many planetary correspondences into the construction as possible. This ritual engraving was likewise performed on a Friday night during the planetary hour of Venus, during the waxing phase of a Sagittarius moon for growth and expansion. (This is a narrow window each month in which to properly create talismans. This is why talismans cannot be mass-produced.)


The sigil was created by first converting the intent or desire to numbers through the use of a numerology chart. These numbers are then traced in one continuous line on the appropriate planetary kamea. Kameas are magical squares that are used to link your talisman to specific planetary energies. In each of the seven kameas, the numbers in any one row whether vertical or horizontal, add up to the same total.

Kameas are said to have originally come from the grimoires (books of magic) of the Abbot Trithemius, Peter de Abano, and Cornelius Agrippa. Better known grimoires which feature talismanic magic are The Magus, The Black Pullet, and The Key of Solomon.

When completed this line is known as a sigil or seal. The sigil is then transferred and hand-engraved onto a disc of the appropriate planetary metal.

SIZE: 1 1/8" diameter disc of 16 gauge (.050") copper.


We do not coat our talismans with any chemicals to retard natural tarnishing. Some people like the aged look of tarnished metal. Others might like to restore their talisman back to its original brilliance. Hand-polishing with any quality metal polish should achieve this. We suggest hand-polishing only and do not exert too much pressure on the engravings themselves so their definition will not be affected.


We make no claims of our talismans having any supernatural powers. We do make them according to traditional lore. According to this lore talismans require a personal consecration from the owner. We hand-craeft each talisman as you would if it was within your means. It is then up to you to consecrate it to truly make it your own.

Remember that real magic always emanates from within!

Please mind the little ones around your talisman which might be small enough for a child to swallow.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your talisman return it within 7 days for a complete refund.

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